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    الحمد لله, 

    eNikah.in website is community matrimonial website aimed for Sunni
    Muslims only (Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamat, Maslak e Aalahazrat).

    In today’s time there are lots of people who claim to be a practical muslims but in actual they are extremists and their beliefs are against the Quraan-o-Sunnat.

    They use many tactics to divert our simple hearted Sunni Muslims from Quraan-o-Sunnat Beliefs, among it one is Nikha which not only destroy marriage alliance beliefs (Aqeda) but of whole future generations.

    Observing all this, Sabir Ismaili (ABDE MUSTAFA OFFCIAL) from Jharkhand realized the importance of starting dedicated community matrimonial service with advance technology for Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamat. And initiated the step towards it, started free matrimonial service for Sunni Muslims on Whats app and telegram.
    Further with time, he realized the need of the website to make it more user friendly, and thus enikah.in website concept born.


Sabir Ismaili - FOUNDER 

Abde Mustafa Official (AMO) Is A Team From Ahle Sunnat Wa Jama'at Working Since 2014 On The Aim To Propagate Quraan And Sunnah Through Electronic And Print Media.  www.abdemustafa.in


FIKR -E- RAZA TEAM (FRT) had Provided the Website Infrastructure facility to eNikah like Domain, Server etc. 


Zeeshan Shaikh from Mumbai, also wanted to develop a free Sunni matrimonial website service with latest technologies features. Already had formed the team and just started to work on website, same time got to know eNikah team is with same goal. Hence, decided to collaborate with eNikah team, so that instead of 2 different small platform of free matrimonial service can be converted into 1 big platform, with more advance features and more benefits for Sunni Muslims.

Software Engineer

Farhan Shaikh from Gujarat, Developer of Al Quran ul kareem App published on Play Store with features like Quran with Tajwid, Translation, Tafsir, Search and Audio. When got to know from Zeeshan Bhai, immediately got ready to extend his support in creating this website. Due to Farhan Bhai on board, الحمد لله the eNikah team got stronger and website got more advance add-on features.  www.farhanapps.com

Chartered Accountant

Rayees Kazi from Mumbai, helps in account auditing and searching sponsors for this good activity.

Software Engineer

Athar Marfatia from Gujarat, when got the knowledge of enikah.in creation instantly got ready to support eNikah team with his experience in Laravel language coding made enikah.in website creation with latest technology.

From above it is easily observed, الحمد لله at individual level every Muslim do contribute for the benefit of community, but if these individuals come together and contribute to Sunni Tanzeems with systematic ways, then the service platform can be much bigger and with more features. And the bigger platform the larger population will take benefits, thus more rewards from Allah Kareem.

This is the time we should come together and provide more tech service benefits to our community.
For example: A single book you donated to one person will benefit in limited, but same single book you published and donated online will benefit to large group of people, that too from any part of world having internet can access this book, so ان شآء الله you will earn more rewards. 

If you have any plan for the benefit of Ummah, with dedication and required support do connect with us ان شآء الله together we will try to bring best.

May Allah Kareem shower his blessing on all of us.

About eNikah.in

eNikah.in is Indian Matrimony website leading in community and professional matches. Aimed for INDIAN Sunni Muslims only (Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamat, Maslak e Aalahazrat).

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